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4 Things to Love About Working from Home

Posted on: April 25th, 2022 by Summit Executive Suites

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, few employees had the opportunity to work from home unless they were self employed and using a home office. Now that companies are “back in business,” many employers are finding it beneficial to allow employees to continue to work from home rather than return to a physical office. Studies indicate […]

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Bloom Where You’re Planted: Networking & Business Events in 2022

Posted on: March 23rd, 2022 by Summit Executive Suites

Spring has arrived! We’re finally seeing warmer weather and the beauty of nature awakening. We’ve also reached the point in the year where we’re getting a little more daylight to enjoy events, as springtime marks the beginning of business conferences and conventions. Working from home in a virtual office doesn’t have to get in the […]

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The Virtual Office… Finding Focus

Posted on: January 24th, 2022 by Summit Executive Suites

Working from home can present challenges with structure and discipline especially for the person without a supervisor. Business entrepreneurs, attorneys, accountants, financial advisors and others have found having a virtual office works well for them, especially when they are able to stay focused and productive. Here are some tips to help you “get in the […]

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The Virtual Office and Self-Care…Finding Balance

Posted on: December 15th, 2021 by Summit Executive Suites

Working from home may seem like a dream come true, but some find it difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance.  Here are few tips and strategies for effectively managing your virtual office and finding balance:  Create a dedicated space to do your work – not your bed and preferably, not your bedroom. Your sleep […]

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Honoring Our Clients

Posted on: November 11th, 2021 by Summit Executive Suites

At Summit Executive Suites (SES), we delight in honoring our clients in a variety of ways throughout the year.  The most recent was Veterans’ Day.  Fresh ground coffee and baked goods were our small way of saying “thank you”. In addition to clients who are veterans, SES has several clients whose parents are veterans as […]

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Grow Your Business with a Virtual Office

Posted on: October 13th, 2021 by Summit Executive Suites

Fall has finally arrived and the stores are filled with “scary” decorations for the season.  Ghosts, witches and goblins might give you the shivers but there is nothing scary about growing your business with a virtual office. When you’re ready to take your home-business to the next level, a virtual office is a great next […]

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Growing Your Business Virtually

Posted on: September 7th, 2021 by Summit Executive Suites

Kids are back to school (mostly) and the 2021 Labor Day weekend is in the books. It’s time to think about growing your business – virtually. A virtual office is the perfect step for moving your home-based business to a professional level without paying rent for office space. By utilizing a virtual office, your business […]

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Autumn in Louisville

Posted on: August 16th, 2021 by Summit Executive Suites

As we head into the fall and, hopefully, more bearable weather, many events take place outdoors in Louisville. Check out a sampling of upcoming events and celebrations: August 19-29 Kentucky State Fair – a 10-day celebration of Kentucky pride and agriculture featuring daily free and paid concerts from multiple genres and national acts. 20-21 Louisville […]

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One Among Many

Posted on: July 22nd, 2021 by Summit Executive Suites

Summit Executive Suites (SES) is a unique community. Comprising 42 physical offices and an unlimited number of virtual offices, SES is the perfect fit for both types of tenants. Coffee breaks in the kitchen have led to many professional friendships as well as new business contacts. Speaking of coffee breaks, you will find coffee (regular and […]

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Chaos Without…Calm Within

Posted on: July 1st, 2021 by Summit Executive Suites

No matter where in the US you live, the daily news is filled with chaos. Shootings, lootings, protests, road rage violence, cicadas, murder hornets, storms, droughts, floods, immigration issues, and consumer rage acted out in businesses and on airlines, are the stuff of daily headlines. It’s enough to cause stress, anxiety and sleepless nights in […]

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